Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil

I didn’t expect it to happen here

In my conservative hometown of Pittsburgh, PA-yes

In the American South-yes

Colorado Springs, CO-yes

But not hereCastro2

But it did

I came to San Francisco almost 10 years ago and was immediately schooled on sexual liberation here
\Working for a drug company, I sold Delatestryl testosterone, prescribed for middle-aged men for low T

Here testosterone was prescribed for gay men with ‘HIV wasting’ -or loss of weight and muscle mass in HIV patientsTestosterone

I sold to clinics where I quickly realized-testosterone was being prescribed for more than just ‘sick’ HIV patients or listless middle-aged married men

In addition to creating more muscle mass, less body fat- testosterone also helps increase energy and sexual desire and was used as such

The Viagra guy and I did weekly Friday visits to clinics-knowing the Drs would dose guys with their bi-weekly injections of T right before the weekend

 Same for Viagra scripts

Both of our numbers went through the roof

And I took this as a sign of advancement

This is sexual liberation at work, right?

Sexual freedom of judgement as we pursue healthy lustful relationships while trying to prevent STDs or pregnancy -doesn’t that fit into your modern description of health care??

It’s mitigation of an avoidable condition

Medicine in our modern era is mostly geared towards preventable diseases

According to the World Health Organization ‘lifestyle diseases’ are dominating our health-care costs

The WHO found that (just the country of India) will incur an accumulated loss of $236.6 billion by 2015 on account of unhealthy lifestyles and faulty diet

The number of deaths due to heart attack is projected to increase from 1.2 million to 2 million in 2010

Well over 18 million men in the US suffer from erectile dysfunction

But, modern medicine is hard at work to change this…. at least for some

Modern medicine understands,-people fuck up,make mistakes and medicine is there to help mitigate the risk of un-perfect human behavior without judgement

This is what often happens when you are put on cholesterol medication, when you are given anti-coagulants, when you start a round of antibiotics

Yes, you could have eaten less meat and more veggies or stopped smoking or put on a coat in the rain

But you didn’t

And that’s OK…..

We’re only human

Unless you’re a woman advocating for her sexual health

Then you get SHAMED



This weekend, my lover and I had a mishap and, like responsible adults, went to Walgreen’s the next morning to obtain Plan B (which in August of 2013 was supposed to be available over the counter)

I have health insurance, so we expected it to be a quick, no hassle visit

As I waited to pay the $50 for Plan B I was given a questionnaire:

Questions like ‘What is your usual method of birth control’ and ‘What birth control were you using at the time of the incident’

Then, when my ‘over the counter‘ prescription was finally filled-I was buzzed over the intercom for a ‘consult’ with the pharmacist

More judgy questions

‘So, why did your birth control fail’

‘Exactly when did the incident occur?’

Luckily, my lover is an Ob/Gyn nurse who corrected the bad information the pharmacist gave me (Plan B loses effectiveness in 1 day vs the 72hours it’s indicated for) and the questions stopped

All I could think was-imagine how many women (girls!!) were given this line of questioning and walked out SHAMED 

In the most liberal city in the US

Imagine what it’s like for young girls in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA

Imagine what it’s like for girls in the South

Imagine being a girl seeking Plan B at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, CO- if you’re brave enough to enter

Imagine your truth is that you’re an evolved woman living in the most liberal city in the US and you’re not above shame

This is my truth and devil- I shame YOUdevil



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