The Island of a Thousand Puras

In Bali, also knows as ‘The Island of the Gods’– devotion is everywhereBali3292014HeartHotel.JPG

Here, religion pervades every aspect of life

Balinese Hindus incorporate mythology and magic into their acts of worship and the result is visually stunning

Agama Hindu Dharma (or Balinese Hinduism)originated from Java and is a blend of Shivaism and Buddhism

I’ve been drawn to nondual Śaiva Tantra since reading ‘Tantra Illuminated’ by Christopher Hareesh Wallis who explains tha Saiva Tantra is the

Emphasis on direct experience of a divine reality that has transcendent and immanent aspects, called Śiva and Śakti respectively, with Śiva primarily understood as the ultimate ground of being, and Śakti as the energy making up the entire manifest universe’


In Balinese Hinduism, the indigenous beliefs manifest in the belief that nature is “power” and each element is subject to influence from spirits

Ancestor worship is also a part of the beliefs. Spirits and ancestors are treated with respect, and they are housed in a shrine and feted with offerings made from agricultural products

As you walk the broken streets and sidewalks here-you find them lined with these offerings


When you ask a Balinese person ‘What is heaven?’-they respond ‘It is just like Bali’

Every time I step back these tiny altars-I can’t help but agree

This is my series on the Heaven that is Bali…..

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