The Divine Feminine is Alive and Well in Bali

Lately, my Divine Feminine has been taking a beating

I live in San Francisco which is becoming filled with more and more ‘male’ energy

Tech is KING in my city and the result is less and less human interaction as everyone prefers ‘virtual‘ reality vs physical

It seems there is no room for aesthetics

Bali is the polar opposite of this

Here, beauty is a way of LIFE 

Bali3292014HeartHotelThe Balinese infuse everything with elegance

Flowers are everywhere-behind every person’s ear (men too)-lining every buffet-decorating every altar as you walk down the street

Even chipped sidewalks are decorated as elegance trumps engineering

It might be OK for things to be broken as long as they are decorated

I’m in Ubud for the Bali Spirit Festival-5 days of music, dance and yoga

The calendar is filled with Balinese Temple Dance lessons, Water Priestess Workshops, seminars on the ‘Art of Attraction‘ and Gypsy Roots movement classes

Sure, there are very US-style Vinyasa yoga classes mixed in as well

But, the overriding theme seems to be honoring the Shakti energy that’s so often ignored in Western yoga


But, if you’re afraid the men are left out-have no fearBaliMan.JPG

There is a full Parkour set-up (for both adults and kids), drumming classes, Ancestral Roots music, capoeira workshops, etc

And, at night, AMAZING thumping music from The Opiuo band to DJ Taz Rashid to Nahko and Medicine for the People

All of it blended together the Shiva and the Shakti, the masculine and the feminine to do what Shri T Krishnamacharya called to ‘Make Love with Life

My inner Goddess has a flower behind her ear and is off to spend her day watching both men and women move, dance and flow

And that feels DIVINE




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