Adding Sugar to Milk-Cultural Blending at Bali Spirit Fest

This was no US yoga festival

A dear friend of mine had been imploring me for months to join her for Bali Spirit Fest

Thanks to a good tax return and $35/night rooms-I was able to join her

I packed up an array of Lululemon yoga pants and tops and mixed in some of my Burning Man outfits just in case

Good thing I did…..

When I walked into the gates of the festival, 2 smiling faces blew bubbles and sprayed me down with tea tree oil sprayBaliArtLocal.JPG

Then, I walked out onto the main lawn where flowers were strewn into different designs (which changed everyday- arranged by 2 cool Aussies who teased and heckled each other in a friendly way)BaliKitty.JPG

The classes ranged from Mayan Astrology to  Swami Sound Healing to Martial Arts

And, they were taught by a cultural mix of people

I took an African chanting class, did Aquatic Bodywork with a guy from Mexico, checked out Embodied Dance with a teacher from Singapore

I checked out the kids ‘Superhero factory’ taught by a Jordanian Parkour fitness specialist

In the Shakti Dance Circle-I bonded with this lovely woman from Japan who has been studying bellydance with the amazing Mishaal Miyomoto BaliJapan.JPG

One morning, I took a BadAss Bhakti Flow class to the tunes of Chicago based DJ Taz taught by a teacher from Florida with a Brooklyn accent……all while sitting among a ton of Taiwanese girls taking selfies

In the evening, I danced to Kayah from Poland who sung in Hebrew, Spanish, Polish and EnglishBaliKayahSinger

Then jammed another night to Opiuo -a 5 piece band who blended Dubstep with live vocals and a saxophone player

All of these cultures brought something to the mix

There is an old story about a kingdom who received a large number of immigrants to the distain of it’s natives (sound familiar?)

The kings met-both the leader of the indigenous kingdom and the migrant king entering

Once they met, the native king had 2 bowls of milk brought to him

One bowl was almost to the brim, the other smaller but full

The native king poured the smaller bowl into the larger and both watched as it overflowed

Do you see? You simply cannot FIT into our kingdom!’

The other king had a bowl of sugar brought in and poured it into the bowl which failed to overflow

Do you see, when we come in-it’s like adding sugar to milk. It sweetens the contents of the bowl without overflowing’

This is how the Bali Spirit Fest incorporated all of the nations represented

No one felt the need to ‘dress up‘ or mimic other cultures

But, each one sweetened the overall experience

Like adding sugar into milk……




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