The Breakfast Club of Yoga Festivals

Yoga can sometimes feel like a popularity contest

This is a $27 million-plus industry consisted of many of the ‘elite’ of society

In 2013, more than 30% of Yoga Journal’s readership makes over $100, 000 annually which is evident when you look at most yoga festivals

Tickets for Wanderlust run over $100/day and don’t include lodging (which are upwards of $200/night)

The Yoga Journal conference in Ft Lauderdale (which I loved last year admittedly) is $760 for 4 days and at a super high-end hotel Wanderlust2

So, when a friend asked me to join her at Bali Spirt Fest-I assumed I couldn’t afford it

THEN, I checked the pricing

Only $450 for ALL classes including nighttime music passes for acts like Nahko & Medicine for the People, DJ Taz Rashid, The Opiuo Band, Polish superstar Kayah and Suzanne Sterling

All in a gorgeous setting-Agung Rai Museum of Art (Arma) which was decorated with gorgeous flowers and candles


AND, if that wasn’t enough

Ubud is super cheap to stay- $35/night for a lush room that is bigger than my 1 bedroom in SF (which I incidentally sublet out for $200/night when I travel)

BaliArgungRakaThe best part of this affordability?

Instead of feeling like I was at Cheerleading Camp (which my friend and teacher Rachel Meyer compared Wanderlust to in her blog: Why Wanderlust is Like Cheerleading Camp)

I felt like I was in detention with the kids from the Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club

For you youngsters-Breakfast Club was a movie made in 1985 about a group of kids from varied backgrounds-all stuck together in detention (this, too, is a throwback)

Despite their obvious differences (Molly Ringwald as the rich, spoiled prom queen- Judd Nelson as thehot delinquent with the heart of gold-poor Anthony Michael Hall as the nerd) they all connect while still holding onto their own unique personalities

This cult classic had many memorable quotes like ‘We are all pretty bizarre, some of us are just better at hiding it’


Breakfast Club captured the frustration of the 80s when Regan was deregulating large companies, giving tax breaks to large industries, the middle class started to suffer and we began to see large disparities between the rich and the poor

On the ground level, people felt the squeeze, even kids like myself

My parents couldn’t afford expensive gymnastic classes, a new car for me when I turned 16 and certainly didn’t have the money to pay for cheerleading camp

I learned early that I didn’t fit in with the upper crust-nor did I want to

I related more with the rebels, freaks, and stoners

So, when I attend expensive yoga events-I feel a bit like a fraud 

Bali Spirit Fest felt like home to my inner wild child


Wild dance classes, hippies spreading flowers everywhere, mamas breast feeding babies in the open and watsu water massage daily

If Wanderlust and Yoga Journal are the cheerleading camps of yoga- I found my detention crew

Breakfast Club spoke to me and I carried the message with me as I got older, graduated and went on with my life-a little too rebellious sometimes-but always mindful of the little guy and the kid like me who couldn’t afford cheerleading camp



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