What a 5’2″ Baller and a Guru Taught Me About Sex and Spirituality

Before the tragic news of Prince’s death this morning-I was binge watching Mark Whitwell of the “Heart of Yoga’ – the long time student of T. Krishnamacharya

MarkWhitwellI saw Mark speak at Bali Spirit Fest and he had my friend and I enthralled

Mark talked about yoga as the ultimate union of the masculine and the feminine, of the inhalation and exhalation of the breath to represent that union and life itself

On the matter of yoga and sexuality Mark said this ‘In movement there is balance. In balance there is movement. Yoga is all about balance. Within and Without. Above, Below. Front, Behind. Male, Female. In, Out.’

Sex as a representation of spirituality??

Ironic that I’m watching this the same day that we lose Prince

Prince Rogers Nelson was a child born with epilepsy and showed his spirituality early on

The story goes-one day he old his mother ‘I’m not going to be sick anymore’ and when she asked ‘Why’ his response was

Because an angel told me so’

Prince also seemed to know the possibilities for him were limitless

Even though he was only 5’2″-Prince was a BALLER (The sketch on the Chappelle show was true!)


His music featured racy lyrics and sexual behavior, making songs like ‘Soft and Wet’-‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’-and ‘Cream’

But,  Prince also blended in a spiritual message

The lyrics are his sermon, the music infused with gospel tropes. as preacher, telling us religion is fun and will keep us happy in the face of life’s troubles

“Dearly beloved / We are gathered here today / to get through this thing called life”

“Things are much harder here than in the afterworld.”

How can the same man who wrote ‘Darling Nikki’ also be a spiritual being?

For Prince, sex and religion aren’t warring with one another


His image of sexuality was something that was godly, that was part of the worship of God as if he understood the Divine Union between the two

Prince has meant a lot to me

As a kid, his music encouraged me to explore my sexuality and to question authority

As an adult, he has influenced my belief that I can be a devout person yet still sexy as hell

Even though he’s gone, I know his lessons aren’t so I can’t wait to see what Prince teaches me next

‘I Am Something That You’ll Never Comprehend’








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