Sweat Your Prayers

GracePurple2‘The first expression of religion was the dance and the first motive of the dance was religion’

When I saw that Daybreaker (one of the morning raves alongside Morning Glorysville) was throwing an evening event-I was curious

When  I saw we’d be dancing at Grace Cathedral-I was SOLD

An Episcopal church, Grace has always been edgier than their Catholic counterparts

In 1965, Martin Luther King spoke there and later Grace Cathedral led the Episcopal Church in awareness and response to LGBT issues and dedicated an AIDS Chapel in 2000

Bishop James Pike was a leader for civil rights and women in the church, as well as a cutting-edge theologian

So, maybe it’s fitting that Daybreaker chose this place for their first evening event: DUSK-An Evening Experience


Daybreaker is known for their morning parties where meditation and intention are part of the offering

Also- dressing your best is part of the fun-this night was formal Black and Gold

We began with a gorgeous sound meditation by McKinley Tenant and Mackenzie Hall which then followed with a full on acoustic rendition of ‘Like A Prayer’ that felt like a teenage fantasy come true!!!


Then, they opened up the altar and Opulent Temple DJs Syd Gris and Dulce Vita took the stage as we all sang, danced and even twerked on the altar


But, far from being sacrilegious-this felt like Divine Intervention

Like the Sun Dance of the Native Americans or the Sufi Whirling Dervishes in Turkey-this was a celebration of life and the Spirit through movement

People have always noticed the connection of dance and spirituality

Even Nietzsche noticed the connection ‘I would believe only in a God that knows how to dance’.


And this connection between God and movement transcends any one faith

The Everyday Tao says this:

• “Dance is part of the very origins of Tao. When the ancients wanted to understand the movement of Tao, they danced. When the ancients tried to utilize Tao, they danced.

“The shamans danced to bring rain. Priests danced in constellation patterns to call the gods. Meditators danced between their sittings for exercise and health. Mediums danced to invite spirits into their bodies. Exorcists danced to control ghosts. Warriors danced to demonstrate their exploits and to hand down their techniques. Storytellers danced to bring history alive. Dancers danced for beauty.

“You cannot think about dance. You cannot count the beats or tell yourself to do this step and that step. Instead, you have to act in a way that puts aside your everyday conscious mind. You just have to dance. You can’t make it look any better than what it is, and if you are honest, you can’t make it any worse: you can’t hide yourself when you dance.”

The Daybreaker DUSK party at Grace Cathedral allowed me to sweat my prayers



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